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Video analytics - let Computer Vision automate your processes

Intelligent video analytics with AI

Based on extensive knowledge in applying AI to computer vision-based tasks, we implement custom video analytics and image analytics projects using world-class technologies that best match your needs. Get more insights from CCTV cameras, automate visual inspection in industry and logistic setups, and build powerful computer vision components for your products.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is a field of computer science that deals with the development of digital systems that can process, analyze, and understand visual data like images or videos in the same way as humans.

The concept of computer vision is based on teaching computers to process and understand an image at the pixel level. Machines attempt to retrieve visual information, process it, and interpret the results through specialized software algorithms.

We improve insights into your data from video and image files by using AI to automatically detect, analyze, and interpret activities from different scenarios in real-time through advanced video analytics.

They trust us

They trust us

Analyze the surveillance cameras (cctv) videos in public spaces

  • automatically analyze and predict the traffic in public spaces
  • analyze the bottlenecks in people flows and detect queues
  • detect lost luggage and dangerous situations
  • count the number of visitors also in multicamera setups
video analytics
video analytics

Support logistic operations with computer vision

  • track the location of the packages in the warehouse or containers in the harbour or docking station
  • measure the volume of the packages or pallet piles, support automatic palletizing
  • recognize and analyze text on images (OCR) – for example to sort and redirect the packages or containers or recognize the allowed vehicles based on licence plates

Improvement of in-store processes with computer vision

  • store shelf analysis – recognize the products on the shelf and make an automatic audit including right placement and stock count
  • analyze the product placement and optimize it based on real data
  • analyze the areas of interest (heatmaps) and queues
video analytics
video analytics

Automate industrial processes

  • create intelligent quality control solutions, use cameras, laser and other sensors to inspect and detect product defects
  • automatically check labels, shapes, texture and contamination
  • recognize and sort the object for factory automation or package sorting
  • control the product completeness
  • analyze the proper use of personal protective equipment

Vision systems to support agriculture:

  • analyze the food products quality
  • count and monitor the livestock
  • automatically sort food products
video analytics
video analytics

Get insights from satellite and drone images:

  • analyze objects from the air – e.g. detect changes in landscape over time (e.g. deforestation)
  • number of specific object in an area – e.g. pools, roads
  • detect the damages e.g. of electric grids

Computer Vision Services

We create cutting-edge computer vision models with composable workflows supported by industry-proven algorithms. See some examples of our video analytics and computer vision services.

video analytics

Object detection and object classification

Use computer vision algorithms to detect various objects in pictures and videos, such as cars, packages, and humans. Classify objects based on their features, for example, different product types on a production line or workers without safety equipment.

video analytics

Object segmentation and scene segmentation

Exactly classify which pixels represent which object in the picture. Some use case scenarios include autonomous vehicles and robotics, but also medical image analysis.

video analytics

Object tracking

In most video analytics solutions, it’s crucial to track detected and recognized objects or persons, ensuring continuous information about the same object. For example, track taken products in self-service stores.

video analytics


Combine video analytics with text analysis on products, packages, cars, or containers. Leverage OCR to create effective multimodal applications.

Leverage the power of Edge AI

We build models that can run both in the cloud and on devices, known as Edge AI scenarios. Our expertise extends to implementing video analytics on edge devices, allowing for real-time processing and analysis. We work with edge devices such as the Nvidia Jetson family and Intel NUC.

video analytics
edge ai

What are the benefits of Edge AI?

Connectivity independence, no latency of data transfer, data security, no additional costs connected with data storage in the cloud. About Edge AI:

Should I use cloud AI or Edge AI?

You are not sure if Edge AI is something you could use? Contact us to discuss
your use case and match the right data processing Scenario.

computer vision

Privacy by design

When implementing machine vision solutions, we always pay attention to the privacy aspects of the analyzed pictures and videos. The solution architectures frequently include our proprietary video anonymization models or processing the data directly on the edge device.

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Computer Vision projects

people counting

People Counting

AI video Analytics to support People counting with RapidLab.

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ShareMedix for apoQlar

ShareMedix uses AI to learn patterns and recognize faces in large data (DICOM, video).

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quality control

Quality control

AI automating quality control process in automotive industry.

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