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About Us

We are ready to support you with our industry-leading experience

AI GmbH is a Hamburg-based leading provider for the development of scalable deep tech & AI solutions to improve and accelerate digital transformation. We offer extensive expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning and are committed to the success of our customers with our proven and world-class team.
Originally (together with apoQlar GmbH and rapidlab) has emerged from Apollogic, an internationally successful company that has been offering innovative IT solutions in various areas since 2006, from the implementation of SAP systems to the development of advanced cloud solutions and mixed reality applications.


We provide numerous capabilities to optimize your business

Certified developers & architects

Our technical expertise in fields of Data Science and AI was verified by passing certifications such as Azure AI Engineer, Azure Data Scientist and Elasticsearch Engineer.

Newest AI/ML techniques

Solutions we build are based on state-of-the-art deep learning and machine learning algorithms in areas like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Predictive analytics.

Cloud & Edge AI

From scalable cloud implementations to algorihtms running directly on embedded devices - we help you choose and build solutions on processing environment right for your needs.

Pratical experience

We built our experience working with international companies from industries like healthcare, automotive, production, pharma and others.

App development & design

Take advantage of effective processing pipelines, DevOps and MLOps. We care about great User Experience.

The people behind

The most important success factor about are the people

We are a group of great individuals, who not only bring an extensive technical expertise, but also are compassionate about understanding and solving the underlying business challenges by proactively suggesting the best technological fit.

By combining our individual skills such as business analysis, UX, software development and DevOps/MLOps we build up expert teams, which can bring every project to a successful conclusion.

We believe that by helping our partners grow we grow ourselves – and like to celebrate our common accomplishments 🙂

Our Partners

To ensure the success of our customers and solutions, we have established partnerships with leading technology and service providers such as Intel, Microsoft, Amazon and Nvidia. Furthermore,
to build the disrupting innovations we are supported by partners such as IFB Hamburg.

Our Partners

The most important success factor about are the people