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Julia Rose

Julia Rose
Marketing & Design
14. December 2020

The AI Inner Circle Partner Program is designed for partners who provide customized services or advanced AI product solutions using Microsoft AI technologies. This program recognizes a partner’s unique expertise in specific industries and their ability to drive business transformation using AI and data. AI Inner Circle Partners are committed to Microsoft AI technologies and provide innovative AI solutions to customers.

The goal is to drive business change using the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to drive effective data processing.

We are happy that convinced and has been accepted into the partner program.

At, we help companies create a suitable architecture for effective data processing based on MS Azure Cloud, quickly validate ideas by creating proofs-of-concept or develop reliable and secure data and AI-based solutions.

Our acceptance into the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program is gratifying for us and underscores our expertise and AI capabilities,” said Sirko Pelzl, CEO of theBlue.aiWe are pleased for the recognition of our competence and expertise and are now even more motivated to continue offering our customers innovative and novel solutions by combining our AI technologies and Microsoft’s intelligent cloud to help them bring their projects to a successful conclusion and drive business transformation with our Blue Productline“.

Our examples of artificial intelligence technologies include our AI products Blue.GDPR, Blue.QualityControl, Blue.Summary and Blue.HealthcareDiagnostics. These are the AI solutions that help and support companies when problems or difficult tasks arise.


Automation means more time for the important tasks: for strategies, ideas, and progress. At the same time, it means fewer costs and errors, and more resources. This is the mission of companies should concentrate fully on their core business and leave all the time-consuming and repetitive tasks to We automate their processes and tasks by creating effective collaboration between man and machine. State-of-the-art AI technologies are our core business to help you reach your full potential.

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