3D Movement Analysis with AI

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3D Movementanalysis with AI


Julia Rose
Marketing & Design
24. January 2023

3D motion analysis for the detection of movements in three-dimensional space

3D movement analysis or 3D motion recognition is a method for studying human and machine movements in three-dimensional space. It is used to detect, record and evaluate motion patterns. In doing so, efficiency, effectiveness, and correctness can be determined and processes, performances can be optimized and improved, injuries can be prevented and dangerous situations can be detected. Point cloud data is often used to visualize 3D data. These provide the basis for the visualization of real objects, landscapes, spaces, and people. Each point consists of two coordinates and simultaneously refers to a given position in three-dimensional space. 

With the combined use of Artificial Intelligence such as Deep Learning, 3D Machine Learning, and 3D Computer Vision, very complex tasks such as recognition, detection and measurement of motion features, can be performed using the cloud points mentioned above. With very good results. 

How your company can benefit from three-dimensional movement analysis  

More and more companies are using 3D movement analysis to improve their operations. This technology can be used for a variety of purposes, such as analyzing the performance of athletes, studying human movements, and examining general activities of various fields. 

3D movement analysis can benefit your company in many ways. For example, it can help you improve the efficiency of your production line, increase workplace safety (e.g., reduce the risk of workplace injuries), or make operations more efficient. 

If you are looking for a way to give your business a competitive edge, 3D movement analysis is definitely worth considering.   

3D movement analysis is a powerful tool that can be used to improve a variety of business processes. By understanding the three-dimensional movements of an object, companies can gain valuable insight into how that object is being used, how it could be used more efficiently, and what impact it has on the overall system.   

By understanding the movements of people and objects, companies can make improvements that actually affect the bottom line.

How can you use 3D movement analysis and AI to optimize your business?

3D movement analysis is based on visual video and image data. The potential of this 3D image processing is great and, depending on the scenario, can help you, to detect dangerous situations early on, analyze clinical activities or optimize cooperation between people and machines.  

Three examples:
Gefährliche Situationen erkennen

Detect dangerous situations: 3D movement analysis is a fascinating technology that allows healthcare professionals to respond to dangerous situations for patients in a completely new way. This technology can help identify potential risks early on, minimizing the risk of adverse events for a patient. 3D motion analysis works by capturing and analyzing a video of the patient’s movement in real-time. State-ofthe-art technology is used to examine the patient’s behavior and assess it using algorithms. This enables doctors and other medical professionals to identify potentially dangerous situations in the shortest possible time and react in good time.

3D Bewegungsanalyse zur Erfassung von Bewegungen im dreidimensionalen Raum

Analyzing clinical activities: A look at the operating room shows how AI can support operations. Operating rooms today are very complex environments where many people and machines need to work together to achieve the best possible outcome for patients. By analyzing 3D image and video data, risks can be identified early and best practices can be developed. In this way, AI can add new dimensions of precision and efficiency to the operating roomultimately benefiting the patient. 

Digitaler Personaltrainer

Digital personal trainer: 3D movement analysis can accurately analyze and correct physical exercises and movements. This method can be used to increase the effectiveness of training sessions. In 3D movement analysis, the movement of the body is recorded and analyzed in three dimensions. As a result, errors in the execution of exercises can be detected and corrected. 3D movement analysis is a very effective method to increase physical performance and prevent injuries. The special feature: The trainer is digital and efficient.  

3D movement analysis has many possible applications. We analyze your individual use case and conduct workshops with you to find the best possible solution for your company.

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