Powerful applications with Generative AI

We help you build powerful applications based on Generative AI - without extensive datasets and long training times.

State-of-the art generative AI like GPT and diffusion models powering your solution

Use Large Language Models (LLM) and the newest advancements in AI to create stunning solutions without extensive training processes. Work with domain experts to effectively make models such as the GPT family, Dall-e or Stable Diffusion work for your use case.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that is able to create new content based on input data. It can be used to generate text or images, but also embeddings which make it a great way of solving many NLP related tasks such as classification, recommendations, semantic search and many more. Generative AI can be used in a variety of business contexts to improve efficiency and generate new ideas. One of the most popular generative AI types are Large Language Models (LLM).

What are Large Language Models?

Large language models are a type of generative AI that are trained on a large dataset of text and are able to generate human-like text. These models have achieved state-of-the-art results on a variety of natural language processing tasks, and have the ability to generate coherent and believable text that is often difficult to distinguish from text written by a human.

What is few-shot learning?

Few-shot learning is a type of machine learning where a model is trained to classify or make predictions on a new task with only a few examples. This is in contrast to traditional machine learning where a model is trained on a large dataset and then tested on a separate, unseen dataset. Few-shot learning is useful in cases where it is difficult or expensive to collect a large amount of data for a new task, but there are still a few examples available that can be used to train the model. It’s a commonly used training method in case of large language models and generative AI applications.


They trust us

They trust us

Power your applications, processes & user experiences
with machines that understand human language.

Generative AI can be used in different ways. In the following, we present
some examples of what the new technology already enables today.

Content generation

Content generation

Supercharge your copywriting team with the power of Generative AI. Generate new marketing slogans or product descriptions, which resonate with the language you communicate with your audience, use the AI for inspiration in the brainstormings, let the AI rewrite your texts to find better phrasing, create abstracts and synthesize multiple text pieces, quickly generate texts containing words of your choice e.g. answers to emails, blogposts, product descriptions and more.

Summarization and information condensation

Summarization and information condensation

Let AI read the sea of words/billions of words to find and generate the information you need. Derive the most important parts of the articles, reviews or messages, bullet points from long content.



Effectively organize information - use the power of large language models to achieve best in class sentiment analysis, recognize hate speech in comments or posts. Let the AI automate your processes by automatically analyzing and extracting relevant content of documents and taking actions based on them.

Intelligent knowledge bases

Intelligent knowledge bases

Build effective question-answering systems based on your collected corporate data - easily find relevant information in your knowledge base.

Next-generation virtual assistants

Next-generation virtual assistants

Use the vast pre-trained knowledge built on training of million of websites and books to mimic human-level conversation. Combine it with external knowledge assets, such as databases, search and custom scripts to achieve a great UX. Enhance it with realistic 2D or 3D avatars for an even more immersive experience.

New creative designs

New creative designs

Design new creative pictures and graphics with AI and combine the language and image in multimodal applications. Generate images with AI from a description, and easily edit images to add or remove their elements realistically. Create different variations of an image to adapt its style, lighting, and more.

Intelligent search systems

Intelligent search systems

Provide powerful google-like search capabilities to your internal documents which are not publicly available.



Build great recommendation engines in scenarios relying on text features - based on reviews, articles, product or movies descriptions and many more.

That's what we offer

Consulting and Use Case Analysis

We analyze your underlying needs and propose the best-suited solutions.

Proof of Concept

Quick validation of the concept for your use case using top technologies.

Fine Tuning and Adjustments

Adjustments of the models and creation of processing pipelines specifically for your project.

Full Solution Implementation

Full implementation, including scalable backend, intuitive design and integration with your systems.

Maintenance of the Models

Continuous validation of the model performance and adjustments with changing data – AI as a Service.

How generative AI can be used in different
business areas?

Generative AI and Large Language models are the future of almost any industry.
The exemplary use cases can be extended to any area benefiting from content generation or text analysis.

sales and marketing
  • generate catchy slogans, product descriptions, social media posts and advertisements including text and images
  • analyze customer feedback and extract the most important points and their sentiment
  • create human-friendly customer manuals and user guides
  • generate personalized sales campaigns
  • generate valid arguments and possible opposing points of view for customer meetings
product development and project mnagement
  • create a powerful brainstorming tool to let you ideate quicker by following up on your single thoughts
  • automatically sort and extract the most important information from the user feedback or project documentation
  • generate more easily project documentation
  • create quick prototypes of the products
  • use AI as an advisor in creating strategies to achieve goals
  • create drafts of legal documents like contracts
  • use AI to analyze the content of legal documents and identified potential risks or missing pieces
  • build question answering systems based on legal and corporate documents to enable getting the relevant answers quickly
  • create truly effective virtual assistants to support your customers and look for answers in your knowledge base
  • write compelling emails in a chosen style based on a few details that should be included
  • automate the workflows based on processing information, e.g. automatically redirect messages
  • create drafts of documents such as quality control documentation
creative, copywriters and artists
  • create first versions of the stories, lyrics, articles or books
  • generate text pieces in a chosen writing style or writing tone
  • edit texts to e.g. remove errors from OCR or adapt the tone, and writing style, or add new information in a similar style
  • let AI analyze your writing and get feedback on style and composition
it and analytics
  • create documentation and manuals
  • generate part of the code or let AI explain to you what the given code is doing
  • create synthetic data to use for training ML models or to test your applications
  • conduct faster analysis by letting AI complete the data according to your pattern

Want to apply large language models in your
product or project?

Why should you decide to use our
generative AI services?



Rely on our specialized knowledge and many years experience implementing AI projects, including generative models.

Time and resources

Time and resources

Access the necessary resources and experience more quickly and get the project up and running faster.

Cost effectiveness

Use the help of a reliable partner without the costs and the time needed to build the project in-house.

Risk management

We help you handle the risks connected with implementing the project, including risks related to technology, data and compliance.

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Want to apply large language models
in your product or project?

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