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AI powered platform for more transparency in politics in collaboration with Policy-Insider.AI and RPP.


Intelligent platform that enables medical professionals to anonymize and securely
share medical data.

VSI HoloMedicine®

With VSI HoloMedicine®, physicians can transform 2D scans 3d holograms to support surgical planning and education.

We guide you step by step through the entire innovation and implementation cycle

All the way from creating a solution-based IT concept, to launching a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), and to establishing product-market-fit.

They trust us

They trust us

Why us?

Ideas validation

We validate ideas and build MVPs first, to verify project success before you invest in full implementation.

Faster than large consultancies

Big consultancies are slow, expensive and usually don't provide a satisfactory result.

Latest technologies at your fingertips

We provide full know-how to implement the project - without the need to build a large in-house team

The use of technological solutions and the demand for products associated with huge amounts of data are increasing rapidly. This is because companies and institutions are increasingly facing entirely new challenges. New solutions need to be developed quickly to produce groundbreaking innovations and gain competitive advantage. Unfortunately, quite frequently the innovative projects fail. It might be caused by multiple reasons – starting with lacking understanding of the business problem, long and costly implementations, missing know-how or technological mismatch.

At we want to guide you through the whole implementation path of the deep tech and AI projects – from defining and specifying the underlying business need, defining and implementing Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (PoC) to quickly validate the concept in your company or institution to building a scalable AI solution in cloud or in form of Edge AI.

As Deep Tech experts, we bring your IT concepts to successful and scalable solutions. We are your AI partner for fast project validation and implementation. We focus on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data, Data engineering and Quantum computing, as well as quantum machine learning. With our know-how on the latest technologies, we cover a huge area: from healthcare, automotive, retail, industry to professional services, politics, pharmaceuticals and engineering.

Marc-Angelo Bisotti, CEO - Policy-Insider.AI

"The close collaboration with the team at was essential in understanding the technical opportunities AI could deliver to solving our problem. From the development of a Proof of Concept to the release of the product in the market, the streamlined and structured approach ensured a timely and cost-efficient process."

Our partners

What do we mean by deep tech project?

Our customers usually want to change processes and develop new products and don’t think in technological limitations – nearly everything is possible.

We combine the knowledge about the latest AI technologies – with cloud, Edge computing,
5G, web development
and UX.

High tech innovations for a better world

Over the years, our team has implemented an efficient workflow for Deep Tech and Machine Learning projects. Our processes ensure fast and flexible results. That’s why we are the right partner when it comes to your ideas. We create complex Deep Tech products, from the basic idea to the implementation of a ready solution, and embrace your IT-projects. No matter if it is a simple change in existing processes or the complete development of a new product, we are here for you. We know no technical limitations and think that almost anything is possible. That’s what Deep Tech is all about: innovative technologies that create progress and change – and a better world.

Our successful implementations

Deep tech and AI in healthcare and pharmacy

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ShareMedix optimizes apoQlar solution VSI HoloMedicine®

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Text analysis in pharmaceutical industry

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Automatic movement analytics in 3D for physiotherapy appliances

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Deep tech AI in professional services & goverment

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AI workshops for The European Commission in Brussels

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Customer data anonymization in market research and product planning with

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AI-powered platform for more transparency in politics with Policy-Insider.AI and RPP

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Deep tech AI in manufacturing and automotive

virtual assistant
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Intelligent virtual assistant supporting planning operations for leading automotive manufacturer

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Anomaly detection and advanced sensor analytics for leading HVAC manufacturer

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predictive maintenance
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Predictive Maintenance in car manufacturing company

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