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Streamlined Call Center Operations with Automated Call Summary Solution

Client Story – Automated text summary solution for call center company

About the project

Our client, a prominent call center company, was facing the challenge of dealing with vast amounts of speech and text data generated by their agents during customer interactions. Extracting relevant information from hundreds of hours of calls is a daunting task, leading to inefficiencies and information gaps within the organization. The client sought to automate the process of creating call summaries to save time, enhance customer service, and optimize internal procedures.


Working with spoken language presents challenges such as variations in quality, interruptions, and colloquialisms, both in transcription and summary generation. Additionally, the project involved working with the Polish language, which posed additional hurdles due to limited language support compared to widely used languages like English or German. To overcome these challenges, we developed advanced post-processing techniques to refine the accuracy of speech-to-text conversion and trained our own AI models to effectively prepare a note from the call in a uniform manner.


In close collaboration with our client, we developed a proof of concept for automatic call summarization. The solution comprised two key phases: transcription of the calls from speech to text and the generation of concise summaries based on our client’s internal procedures. Leveraging cutting-edge Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, we harnessed the power of cloud computing to process the data efficiently and extract the most relevant information.

Business Benefits

  • Drastically reduced manual effort and time required for call summarization
  • Enhanced customer service through effective information sharing within the organization
  • Standardized note creation for optimized processes and improved responsiveness to customer needs
  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity in the call center
  • Improved data analysis capabilities for extracting valuable insights from call data

Solution's Unique Features

  • Cutting-edge Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for scalable and efficient data processing
  • Advanced post-processing methods for refining speech-to-text accuracy
  • Customized AI models trained for the Polish language

Our automated text summary solution for call centers represents a significant advancement in streamlining operations and optimizing customer service. By harnessing advanced technologies, we enable our clients to extract key information from calls efficiently, saving valuable time and resources. With state-of-the-art algorithms and customized language models, our solution ensures accurate transcription and summarization, even in challenging linguistic contexts. This transformative approach revolutionizes call center practices, enhancing customer experiences and enabling data-driven decision-making. Through our innovative solution, we empower call centers to operate with increased efficiency, productivity, and customer-centricity.

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