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Unlocking Efficiency and Insight in Policy: Generative AI for Content Summarization and Information Retrieval

Client Story – GenAI improves public policy monitoring platform Policy-Insider.AI

About the project

In collaboration with Policy-Insider.AI, theBlue.ai used the potential of generative AI (GenAI) to transform how users access and comprehend complex policy documents. Through our partnership, we developed solutions that enable more efficient and effective access, comprehension, and engagement with policy-related information.


Public policy relies on the processing of a significant number of documents, often published by various institutions and in different original languages. The challenge lies in efficiently extracting the most relevant information for decision-makers within the required timeframe. However, integrating GenAI algorithms into production environments presents multiple challenges, including potential inaccuracies, difficulties in replicating results consistently, and a lack of straightforward methods for evaluating the model outputs. To address these challenges, we have utilized GenAI and implemented advanced prompting and evaluation methods. These approaches have been developed by experienced NLP engineers who have leveraged their knowledge and expertise in effectively working with large volumes of text data.


As part of our collaboration with Policy-Insider.AI, we have extended their platform with an innovative and powerful solution that leverages generative AI for efficient document summarization and retrieval. We have developed a specialized solution based on generative AI, enabling the automatic generation of concise and accurate summaries of policy documents. This integration enhances the Policy-Insider.AI platform, allowing users to access, comprehend, and engage with policy-related information more efficiently and effectively. With features such as convenient document summarization access within the platform and email alerts with targeted summaries tailored to specific keywords of interest, users can streamline their information retrieval process, saving time and effort. Our solution empowers users to make well-informed decisions, navigate the complex policy landscape, and unlock valuable insights.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined access to policy-related information
  • Time and effort savings in information retrieval and decision-making
  • Enhanced efficiency in navigating the policy landscape

Solutions's Unique Features

  • Utilization of a Large Language Model (LLM) for advanced capabilities
  • Construction of specialized prompts incorporating relevant context
  • Iterative training loop and newest LLMOps methods for quality assurance

Our collaboration with Policy-Insider.AI demonstrates the potential of generative AI in enhancing efficiency and providing valuable insights into the policy domain. Together, we empower users to make well-informed decisions, navigate complex policy landscapes, and unlock the benefits of generative AI across various industries. For more information, please visit our blog articles.

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