AI Assistant Summit - the newest AI trends in London!

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AI Assistant Summit - the latest Artificial Intelligence trends in London!

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Sylwia Zabłocka
Marketing Specialist
March 31st, 2018

The AI Assistant Summit took place in London from March 15-16. Our team presented the latest solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Assistant Summit London

Agata Chudzińska, AI Team Leader, talked about the functionalities of the Mailbot solution, used to send automatic e-mail responses, during her lecture: “Answering E-Mails in No Time – Short Story of How to Use NLP in Modern Enterprises”.

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Mailbot is used to classify incoming emails into categories related to the company’s operations. These include messages such as complaints or questions about the status of orders. Thanks to the Machine Learning algorithms, the tool can recognize the intentions of e-mails and in response recommend or send them by itself. This saves time and automates e-mail communication.

ai assistant summit londonai assistant summit

During the event, we also provided the organizers with the TwitterBoard application, which analyzed and displayed the tweet trends related to the AI Assistant Summit. Thanks to this, they gained access to such information as:

  • associated hashtags
  • the most active users
  • sentiment analysis of the tweets
  • the most popular localisations

This made it possible to analyze the current reactions to the lectures and the whole conference, and even to determine which speeches were most popular.


AI Assistant Summit enabled us to familiarize ourselves with the latest market trends and exchange experiences with industry experts – we are already waiting for the next event in this series!

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