AI-Enabled People Counting: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

AI-Enabled People Counting with RapidLab: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Client Story – AI video analytics to support people counting with RapidLab

About the Project

RapidLab, a leader in intelligent electronics and IoT prototyping, collaborates with various industries to address unique challenges. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need arose for accurate people counting and maintaining social distancing protocols in buildings and public spaces.


Traditional methods, such as physical counting gates, proved expensive or impractical due to building architecture. Manual counting was infeasible due to multiple entrances and exits. This necessitated an innovative solution that could accurately track people in real-time.


Working closely with RapidLab’s IoT engineers, we developed a compact device capable of automatic people counting in facilities and vehicles such as buses and trains. Leveraging time-of-flight sensors and video cameras, the solution accurately counts individuals entering or leaving, irrespective of the exit used. Two versions were designed to ensure optimal performance: one utilizing AI on time-series data and the other employing computer vision deep learning techniques for intelligent video analytics.


The project encompassed defining data collection protocols, exploring data, and rapidly prototyping with various neural network architectures and machine learning approaches. To ensure real-time performance and data privacy, we optimized the AI models for edge computing, enabling on-device processing without reliance on cloud infrastructure. This approach enhances responsiveness, eliminates delays associated with data transfer, and preserves data privacy.

Business Benefits

  • Accurate and real-time people counting to maintain social distancing protocols
  • Improved safety for passengers, employees, and customers
  • Cost-effective alternative to physical counting gates
  • Scalable solution applicable to various facilities and vehicles
  • Edge AI deployment ensures independence from internet connectivity and enhances data privacy

Solution's Unique Features

  • Integration of time-of-flight sensors and video cameras for precise counting
  • AI-driven analytics for reliable and efficient people counting
  • Optimized AI models for edge computing, enabling real-time performance and data privacy

Our collaboration with RapidLab has resulted in an innovative AI-powered solution for people counting. By combining advanced technologies with customized algorithms, we enable accurate and real-time tracking of individuals, ensuring compliance with social distancing measures and enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Our scalable approach, focused on data privacy, offers organizations a secure environment and the ability to adapt to the unique challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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