ShareMedix optimizes apoQlar solution VSI HoloMedicine®

Enhancing VSI HoloMedicine® with ShareMedix: Empowering Doctors and Safeguarding Patient Privacy

Client Story: ShareMedix optimizes apoQlar’s VSI HoloMedicine® solution

About the Project

VSI HoloMedicine® by apoQlar revolutionized the way doctors communicate with patients and colleagues, document data during rounds, and train new physicians through its cutting-edge VSI HoloLens technology. This innovative platform enables the upload and mixed-reality viewing of 3D patient scans directly overlaid onto the patient in real space. Additionally, doctors can effortlessly capture videos and images from the operating room using their mixed-reality glasses.


While the technology had gained the trust of many doctors and clinics, apoQlar recognized a significant hurdle regarding the safe and compliant handling of patient data in light of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Sharing informative videos and images with other doctors, the medical community for example on congresses, or with the patients required time-consuming manual anonymization of patient data by doctors, impeding quick and easy data exchange.


Understanding the need for expeditious and secure patient data anonymization within the VSI HoloMedicine® platform, initiated a collaborative project with apoQlar. Their objective was to streamline processes, enhance cost and time efficiency, and foster improved cooperation. The implementation of ShareMedix, an automated patient data anonymization software, played a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined processes, saving time and promoting efficiency
  • Cost savings through automation of patient data anonymization
  • Improved cooperation among medical professionals
  • Facilitated compliance with GDPR guidelines
  • Rapid utilization of data for medical presentations and publications

Solution's Unique Features

Unlike standard facial recognition software, ShareMedix’s AI algorithm underwent comprehensive training using medical-specific data and images. This training equipped ShareMedix to accurately identify and blur faces even in challenging medical settings where doctors and nurses wear masks, glasses, and headlamps. By tailoring the algorithm to the medical field, ShareMedix optimally addresses the unique privacy needs of healthcare professionals.

  • AI-powered facial recognition and anonymization
  • Extensive training with medical-specific data and images
  • Accurate blurring of faces in challenging medical settings
  • Advanced techniques to avoid re-identification of data

By integrating ShareMedix into VSI HoloMedicine®, apoQlar successfully overcame the obstacle of manual patient data anonymization, elevating the platform’s capabilities and bringing substantial benefits to doctors, clinics, and patients.

“It was the right decision to choose ShareMedix. The platform optimizes our VSI HoloMedicine®, making it easier for our doctors and clinics to handle large volumes of data.” – apoQlar GmbH 

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