Intelligent Virtual Assistant Streamlines Auto Manufacturing

Intelligent virtual assistant supporting planning operations for leading automotive manufacturer

Client Story – Intelligent virtual assistant supporting planning operations for leading automotive manufacturer

About the project

Our project involved collaborating with one of the world’s largest luxury car manufacturers to transform their car planning process. The car planning process is very complex and dependent on many factors, hidden in the underlying data warehouses and other planning systems. Operating on the data residing in different locations requires much know-how and is quite time-consuming. The company wanted to take advantage of the latest technology trends to make the work faster and more user-friendly.


One of the main challenges in this project involved working with a hybrid cloud approach. The company’s relevant data had to remain on on-premise systems, while the virtual assistant solution had to be built in the Microsoft Azure cloud. A key consideration was establishing a secure connection between the systems.

Another aspect was dealing with the advanced logic of the data in SAP BW and ensuring an efficient way to interact with the data, making the planning process faster and more convenient.


To address these challenges, we employed a design thinking approach, conducting workshops to gain deep insights into our partners’ requirements. This enabled us to design and develop an intelligent virtual assistant tailored to support the product planning process. Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) techniques, the virtual assistant seamlessly interacts with users in both written and spoken language, supporting German and English.

In alignment with the company’s IT strategy, the entire solution was implemented in the Microsoft Azure cloud using cloud-native services such as LUIS, Microsoft Bot Service, CosmosDB, and AppService. Following the agile Scrum methodology, we ensured the involvement of all stakeholders throughout the development process. This facilitated seamless integration with essential systems, including SAP BW.

We also prioritized data security by establishing a secure connection between Microsoft Azure Cloud and the on-premise infrastructure, implementing stringent permission controls to safeguard sensitive data. We have coordinated the whole process in tight cooperation with the internal IT department of our partner.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The intelligent virtual assistant streamlines the car planning process, reducing manual effort and accelerating operations. This translates into significant time savings and improved productivity.
  • Improved User Experience: By enabling intuitive interactions in written and spoken language, the virtual assistant enhances user-friendliness and accessibility, empowering users to easily navigate complex planning tasks.
  • Seamless Integration: The solution seamlessly integrates with data in SAP BW, fostering seamless data exchange and enabling comprehensive planning insights.
  • Data Security: Stringent security measures, including secure connections and permission controls, ensure the highest level of data protection, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the car planning process.

Solution's Unique Features

  • Natural Language Processing: Leveraging advanced NLP techniques, the virtual assistant understands and responds to user queries and commands in a natural conversational manner.
  • Cloud-Native Architecture: The solution harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure cloud-native services, providing scalability, flexibility, and robust performance.
  • Agile Development Approach: Following the Scrum methodology, we ensured iterative development and continuous stakeholder involvement, fostering collaboration and delivering timely results.

Our collaboration has resulted in a transformative solution that revolutionizes the car planning process. By leveraging intelligent virtual assistant technology and cutting-edge cloud services, we have successfully streamlined operations, improved user experience, and elevated data security. Together, we have paved the way for more efficient and user-friendly planning, empowering the company to stay at the forefront of the automotive industry.

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