Streamlining Information Extraction with GPT-Powered Solution

Streamlining Information Extraction with GPT-Powered Solution

Client Story – Automating Information Extraction in Logistics

About the project

Our client Fr. Meyer’s Sohn approached us with the task of extracting relevant information from emails to help them automate the daily processes in the logistics industry. The solution was supposed to work with texts written both in German and English and to extract relevant information specified by the customer and extract it in the structured format for further processing. Initially, we conducted a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of automating the information extraction with Generative AI. Following the customer feedback and acceptance of the results, we proceeded to develop a production version of the solution to address their specific needs.


The main challenge was dealing with unstructured text that lacked any predefined format, making it difficult to detect the specified information accurately. Due to the global operations of Fr. Meyer’s Sohn another challenge was connected with various formats and languages of the texts which were connected with many local standards for the countries around the world. Also, not always all of the determined information was present in the provided texts. All of these challenges caused that the traditional approaches were not good enough. Ensuring high accuracy and efficiency in the extraction process was crucial to meet the project’s goals.


To tackle the challenges, we leveraged the power of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models for information extraction. Careful prompt engineering and testing with different models significantly improved accuracy. We integrated the solution using FastAPI and encapsulated the code within a Docker container, enabling seamless deployment on the client’s servers. Now, the client can easily send requests to the API and receive the needed information in the specified format.

Business Benefits

  • Automated information extraction, saving time and effort.
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in extracting and structuring the relevant information.
  • Flexible pricing model and ability to quickly adapt to new changes.

Solution's Unique Features

  • Utilization of GPT-4 and effective prompt engineering for improved accuracy and performance.
  • FastAPI for smooth integration and deployment.
  • Docker container for easy setup on the client’s servers.
  • Production ready solution including error handling and logging for smooth solution maintenance.

Through our GenAI-powered solution, we empowered Fr. Meyer’s Sohn to streamline the process of information extraction, significantly improving accuracy and efficiency. The automated system now efficiently identifies the information relevant for logistics processes from unstructured texts, enhancing our partner’s productivity and data processing capabilities.

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