Streamlining Processes with GenAI-powered Virtual Assistant

Streamlining apoQlar’s Internal Processes: GenAI-powered Virtual Assistant for Efficient Document Retrieval

Client Story – Streamlining apoQlar’s Internal Processes with GenAI-powered Virtual Assistant

About the project

Our project involved developing a generative AI-powered virtual assistant to streamline internal processes and expedite product documentation preparation at apoQlar. The solution enables users to ask specific questions and receive relevant responses based on the internal document base and reference materials.


Our project aimed to create a generative AI-powered virtual assistant to optimize the support and operations team processes and accelerate the activities connected with the quick finding of relevant information for various customer and institution requests as well as for internal company needs. During the development, we encountered several key challenges that required innovative solutions.

  • Efficient Text Processing: One of the primary challenges was efficiently processing text from multiple documents and organizing them into logical parts. We implemented specialized methods for text processing and devised a system to group relevant information coherently.
  • Effective context provision: when implementing an assistant using multiple external documents, it’s very important to design an effective strategy for finding the relevant pieces of information and provide them to the context of the prompt with the shortest possible latency. We have integrated a vector database to effectively satisfy this requirement.
  • Prompt engineering – building a virtual assistant with Generative AI quickly leads to the challenges connected with the maximum available length of the prompt, assuming that we want to keep the state of the conversation. We have built the solution in a way that keeps the most relevant information throughout the conversation and optimizes costs and latency of the model.
  • Providing Source References: Additionally, we aimed to provide users with information on the source of the data to bolster credibility and trust in the virtual assistant’s responses. We integrated a reference system that indicates the origin of the information provided.


Our comprehensive solution encompassed the implementation of specialized text processing methods, the development of an effective infromation retrieval system, advanced prompting techniques, and the integration of a reference system. By overcoming these challenges, our AI-powered virtual assistant empowers the support team of apoQlar to access vital information swiftly and accurately, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity within the organization.

Business Benefits

  • Accelerated internal processes and saved time for employees.
  • Quick access to the most relevant information on the topic with a reliable source indication.
  • The possibility of providing more detailed information to customers’ and institutions’ inquiries.
  • Reduced manual search efforts by extracting relevant information from various documents.

Solutions's Unique Features

  • Interactive Assistant: The solution allows users to quickly ask questions in natural language to learn about the needed features of the product, instead of searching through hundreds of documents.
  • Precise Responses with Source References: The virtual assistant uses a state-of-the-art Language Model to create responses that include information sources, ensuring transparency and credibility.
  • Efficient Text Extraction: Specialized methods for text processing and grouping text into logical parts enable quick extraction of relevant information from multiple documents.

Our AI-powered virtual assistant enhances processes, facilitates knowledge exchange, and accelerates the preparation of necessary documentation. The interactive user manual and precise responses ensure seamless interactions and foster efficiency in handling internal queries. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our solution empowers the team to focus on critical tasks, improving overall productivity and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

“Implementing the Gen AI-powered virtual assistant has been a game-changer for our internal support team. It revolutionized the way we access and utilize information from our vast document base. Now, we can quickly find what we need, saving valuable time and resources.” – apoQlar GmbH

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