Enhancing Physiotherapy with Automatic 3D Movement Analytics

Enhancing Physiotherapy with Automatic 3D Movement Analytics

Client Story – Automatic movement analytics in 3D for physiotherapy appliances 

About the Project

We have partnered with hospitals, universities, and technology providers to develop a solution that supports the correct performance of rehabilitation exercises in the comfort of one’s home. The project aims to address the challenges posed by sedentary lifestyles and an aging population, where individuals may struggle to access proper physical therapy or perform exercises incorrectly.


The project encounters two key challenges:

  • Limited Physiotherapist Availability: The scarcity of physiotherapists hinders individuals with physical limitations and the elderly from receiving adequate training and performing exercises correctly.
  • Inaccessible Exercise Opportunities: Difficulties in transportation and attending training sessions prevent individuals from engaging in sufficient exercise or executing exercises properly.


To overcome the challenges associated with limited physiotherapist availability and the inability of individuals with physical limitations to attend training sessions, we have developed an innovative solution in the form of an AI Personal Trainer. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with personalized guidance and motivation through game-inspired features.

Our project included:

  • 3D Personal Trainer: A system that utilizes advanced algorithms for human pose estimation and activity recognition. It provides real-time feedback to ensure exercises are performed correctly and safely.
  • Azure Kinect 3D Cameras: Multiple cameras are precisely set up and calibrated to capture accurate motion data, enabling comprehensive monitoring of users’ movements.
  • Virtual Reality Gamification: Integration of virtual reality games with the 3D personal trainer, making exercise sessions enjoyable, engaging, and motivating.

Business Benefits:

  • Improved accessibility: Enables individuals to perform rehabilitation exercises conveniently at home, eliminating the need for frequent visits to physiotherapy centers.
  • Personalized guidance: Utilizes 3D human behavior analysis (3D movement analytics) to recognize and provide real-time feedback on the correct execution of exercises, ensuring optimal results and minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Motivation through gamification: Integrates virtual reality games with the 3D personal trainer, making exercise sessions engaging, enjoyable, and motivating.

Solution’s Unique Features:

  • Utilization of Azure Kinect 3D cameras: Precise setup and calibration of multiple cameras to capture accurate motion data and provide a comprehensive view of the user’s movements in 3D space.
  • AI-powered pose estimation: Implementation of advanced algorithms to analyze human poses and recognize specific exercises being performed.
  • Human activity recognition: AI algorithms enable the system to identify and assess exercise activities, ensuring proper form and technique.
  • Automatic correctness verification: The system detects if the exercise is conducted correctly and informs the user about the needed corrections of the pose.

The 3D personal trainer for 3D movement analytics aims to expedite post-surgery recovery and enhance physical fitness, helping patients regain their mobility and overall well-being. By combining advanced technology, accurate movement analytics, and gamified experiences, our solution revolutionizes physiotherapy, making it accessible, engaging, and effective.

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