Medical Mobilization Redefined: Pioneering 3D Motion Recognition

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Medical Mobilization Redefined: 3D Movement Recognition for Error Detection


Julia Rose
Marketing & Design
4. July 2023

We are excited to present you with an exciting development in the field of medical mobilization!  
As part of an innovative project, we have made significant strides in offering businesses in the sports, health, and medical sectors a new perspective to enhance their performance and expand their range of services.  

Through diligent exploration, we have developed a method to precisely analyze exercise execution and detect errors. Leveraging advanced deep learning models, we have successfully determined the 3D positions during movement sequences.  

Our approach revolves around an intelligent three-stage detection process. By capturing movements with a single camera and employing powerful algorithms, we can accurately identify key points in the 2D space. To comprehensively capture exercise errors, we have employed a specialized neural network that transforms the key points from 2D to 3D space. This transformative process enables us to identify common mistakes such as inadequate depth of movement, incorrect foot positioning, and improper load distribution. 

If you are interested in exploring how our AI services can help address your organization’s needs and develop customized proof of concepts, we invite you to reach out to us.

Learn more about the cutting-edge technology of 3D Movement Recognition: Read More 


*Please note that the video included in this article is for demonstration purposes only and does not depict a ready-to-use solution. 

**to prioritize patient privacy and data protection, we offer the option to anonymize videos, ensuring the confidentiality of personal identifiable information (PII).