Location Evaluation with AI for Elevator Manufacturer

Location evaluation for elevator manufacturer

Client Story – Location evaluation for elevator manufacturer

About the Project

In collaboration with our partner company specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT), we worked on a project for an elevator manufacturer aimed at generating, collecting, and analyzing data about the status and functioning of elevators. The long-term goal was to utilize this data for predictive maintenance. The project focused on working with the least possible number of sensors to achieve scalability.


The main challenge we encountered was addressing connectivity issues inherent to working with elevators. Elevator environments often exhibit limited connectivity due to factors such as the Farraday cage effect, which can disrupt cloud connection. It was crucial to design a solution that could operate effectively in offline mode and handle situations where the connection was broken or delayed. Additionally, the lack of ground truth data posed a further challenge, requiring us to devise innovative approaches to collect and analyze data accurately. In collaboration with our IoT partner, we worked on designing new devices and developing an effective solution architecture to tackle these challenges


To overcome these challenges, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Prepared data collection protocols and created preprocessed datasets based on sensor data.
  • Applied machine learning algorithms, primarily advanced clustering methods enhanced by custom logic, to effectively determine the position and information about the current state of the elevator.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced data collection and analysis capabilities for improved understanding of elevator status and functioning.
  • Improved scalability through optimized sensor usage.
  • Development of a solution architecture that addresses connectivity challenges and offline mode operation.
  • Collaboration with our IoT partner to design new devices for effective data collection.

In partnership with the elevator manufacturer, we embarked on a project to enhance location evaluation in the elevator industry. Through our expertise in IoT and data analytics, we addressed the challenges related to connectivity and data collection. By developing a comprehensive solution that incorporates advanced technologies and customized methodologies, we provided the elevator manufacturer with valuable insights and demonstrated the potential for future implementation of predictive maintenance. Our commitment to innovation and operational excellence ensures that we deliver impactful solutions that drive positive outcomes for our clients.

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