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Empowering the Pharmaceutical Industry with Automated Text Analysis

Client Story -Automated text analysis in the pharmaceutical industry

About the project

In the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, optimizing workflows and leveraging new technologies is crucial for analyzing vast amounts of data and discovering innovative approaches to pharmaceutical development. Efficiently addressing patient and medical professional feedback to meet their evolving needs within tight timelines is a top priority. However, the presence of sensitive health information necessitates the effective de-identification of medical texts prior to employing advanced pharmacy AI solutions.


During our projects, we encountered two significant challenges that required innovative solutions.

  • Handling Multilingual Complexity: Working with multiple languages, including German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish, demanded the development of advanced preprocessing and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. This enabled us to effectively analyze and process diverse linguistic patterns within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Addressing Language Variations: Social media and online communication often contain various abbreviations and colloquial language. This, combined with the specific medical terminology used in the pharmaceutical field, presented an additional challenge. To overcome it, we utilized specialized algorithms and linguistic expertise to accurately interpret and analyze text that incorporated these elements.


To address these challenges, we developed robust automated text analysis solutions tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Our team implemented advanced preprocessing techniques and NLP algorithms capable of handling multilingual complexity and accurately interpreting medical texts. These technologies allowed us to effectively analyze large volumes of data, including social media posts and medical notes, while maintaining data privacy and security.

Additionally, our solution incorporated specialized models trained to identify and process abbreviations, colloquialisms, and medical terminology, ensuring accurate and reliable analysis. By leveraging these innovative technologies, we provided pharmaceutical professionals with a comprehensive solution to automate text analysis, empowering them to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions in a more efficient and timely manner.

Together with our partner, we have implemented innovative projects focused on the automatic detection of medical entities, such as drug names. We have also prepared the data for further analysis by implementing anonymization techniques for patient and doctor data. In addition, we have developed a highly innovative approach to identify adverse events associated with drugs through the analysis of opinions and posts published on the Internet. Furthermore, we have conducted sentiment analysis on social media to gauge public sentiment about a drug before and during its market launch.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Real-time Market Sentiment Analysis
  • Possibility to process medical data in accordance with GDPR
  • Automatic insights about the drugs based on social media data
  • Possibility to detect the unknown and verify the frequency of the known drugs adverse events

Solution's Unique Features

  • De-identification of Medical Notes
  • Identifying Adverse Drug Events
  • Sentiment Analysis of Public Posts
  • Automatic Detection of Medical Entities
  • Streamlined Pipeline Management

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