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Agata Chudzińska,
AI Team Leader
December 5th, 2018

In the mid of November, we had a pleasure to participate in “innolution valley” innovation festival which gathered company representatives, start-ups and investors to talk about future trends and innovations.

The whole event, led under the motto “Innovation Meets Revolution”, was concentrated around the needs and chances of digital transformation for companies of every size. One of the main ideas behind it was that new trends and technologies should go along with disruptive/innovative ideas which often come from the startups.


During the event, you could also meet us in the Expo part and talk with us about the role of AI for finding and using the real value of your company’s data and see examples of it on our showcases in predictive maintenance or automatic text analysis.

Innolution valley was for us an excellent opportunity to talk with customers from different industries, exchange ideas and discuss the possibilities of AI in solving many business issues and creating new values.

Want to know more? Watch this short video with Sirko Pelzl:


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