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Nadja Parfenov

Nadja Jürgens (born Parfenov),
Head of marketing
29 July 2019

Germany has a new artificial intelligence company:! It was officially founded at the beginning of 2019, on the 22st of January, but the first requests for the team started much earlier. Due to the high demand for this new technology the team was extended more and more and it was time to found a company. The headquarters and the heart of the company are located in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, in the colourful district of St. Georg, just a few minutes’ walk from the main train station.

Our technological journey began with the development, expansion and implementation of SAP systems. The owners and managing directors of, Sirko Pelzl (Hamburg) and Lukasz Radomski (Poznań), founded the successful company Apollogic more than 13 years ago. Apollogic is based in Poznań, Poland, and deals with topics related to SAP. However, more and more projects were added, which concerned specially developed business applications on the basis of the latest and most modern technologies. The range of competencies became broader and more diverse. And was born: From an initially small team a company grew, which is now completely independent of Apollogic and based in Hamburg, Germany, at Koppel 18a. deals with all topics around artificial intelligence.

Only the customer group remained the same: medium-sized to large companies that want to be more digital, faster and more profitable.

KI Unternehmen

Our projects

The full range of our previous projects can hardly be represented in a paragraph, but the most exciting deserve at least mention:

  • AI-Workshops for politicians: We explain to politicians in Brussels how artificial intelligence works, which possibilities are available, which trends are emerging etc. This helps the politicians of the European Commission better understand AI and be able to wisely invest in opportunities.
  • Text analysis (NLP) highly popular: Intelligent and automatic text analysis saves a lot of time, manpower and money; therefore, they are very popular for companies. Text analysis is used to filter important information across large amounts of data, e.g. to find negative posts/publications in social media and thus prevent image damage. These kinds of projects are in high demand and we have already implemented several for the pharmaceutical industry, for example. However, filtering out of decisive information is used in many areas, for example in legal texts.
  • Epilepsy detection: In cooperation with a hospital in Hamburg, we automatically detect the FCD foci of epilepsy in MRI images (epilepsy is only visible there). This helps optimize diagnostics, makes work easier for epileptologists, and improves patient care.
  • You can read more about other projects here.

Everyone can use and needs artificial intelligence!

AI does not only concern large businesses; it already concerns all of us – from large corporations to one-man companies. Our world is becoming ever faster and more digital. If you don’t get with the times, you won’t be able to keep up sooner or later. Artificial intelligence is no longer exotic: It is understandable and makes our working world easier and affordable.

We love AI in all its facets and have specialised in medium-sized companies. We offer workshops, consulting, development, implementation, extension and support. We show you tangible examples, develop ideas, try something completely new or implement something proven. We place great importance on discretion.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will see together what AI can do for you.

You can find out more about our approach here.

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