Blue.GDPR successfully supports Tirol Kliniken Innsbruck – Client Story

ShareMedix successfully supports Tirol Kliniken Innsbruck

The Tirol Kliniken GmbH (formerly known as TILAK - Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten GmbH until June 24, 2015) was founded in 1991 and is the largest and most diverse health company in western Austria. It consists of various facilities that form the backbone of medical care in Tyrol. As overseer of the clinic group, the Tirol Kliniken GmbH operates and coordinates the individual clinics.

Tirol Kliniken GmbH in numbers

• Nearly 8,550 employees
• 115,000 inpatient and 1.1 million outpatient treatments per year
• 65,800 individual operational services per year
• 2,500 beds with 80% occupancy rate on average

Simplified processes with ShareMedix

ShareMedix uses artificial intelligence (AI), which automatically recognizes and anonymizes patient data. By using a comprehensively trained yet constantly learning algorithm, Blue.GDPR recognizes patient data very accurately and makes it unrecognizable. Medical documents such as hospital discharge reports, doctor's letters and diagnostic reports are no longer manually but automatically anonymized. Thus, the standard of the TGF (Tyrolean Health Fund) can be maintained and the privacy of the patient is protected.

Challenges of Implementation

Artificial intelligence had to be trained to make only selected patient data anonymous and to ignore certain important information so that it remains visible. Since these were medical documents, it was also important to train the algorithm accordingly for specific medical terms.

What the customer says

ShareMedix supports Tirol Kliniken Innsbruck