Natural Language Processing -

Natural Language Processing. Let AI provide answer.

What is it?

Natural Language Processing is used to process human language
in order to understand it the way we do. Thanks to complex computing algorithms, a computer can process our language quickly and provide answers and results in real time.

Where can Natural Language Processing be used?

Text Mining and Classification

  • Read only what you have to
  • Gather only interesting insights
  • Find a way out of information jungle

Let`s assume you need to monitor the internet looking for conversations regarding the subject you`re interested in. Or you want to get rid of repetitive threads, questions or data inputs. Our knowledge will help you scan large amounts of text and assign it to specific categories, classes or subjects.

Sentiment and Social Media analysis

  • Get to know what people write about our products

An advanced algorithm will scan the web in real time to give you an instant update on your branding analysis. You`ll have control of what and where people write about you. Your reaction can be faster, you can protect your brand better.

Wider in-depth understanding of the market can help you understand your customers better and guide them smoothly through your product range. Start measuring how people perceive the changes you implement.

Question Answering

  • Stop feeling confused getting wrong information when you ask simple questions

Large data sets might be helpful but also make it hard to extract the relevant information only. People ask different questions and use different words when talking about the same subject. Artificial intelligence can instantly provide an answer for their query and will use a machine learning module to provid a better user experience in the future.

Automatic Text Summary

  • Don`t read piles of text. Have it read and summed up for you.

Reading large articles, legal regulations, product descriptions or even movie screenplays is always time-consuming and might sometimes be boring. You may also lose track of the bigger picture focusing on irrelevant details. Our solution will extract the essence and most important elements from a large amount of text giving you a fast and brief summary of the document.

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