Image Processing -

Image Processing. Detect objects and movement.

What is it?

Image Processing techniques are already used in various areas of our lives. In our smartphones, they detect faces. On our streets, they detect cars stuck in traffic and help manage road congestion. They also let us mix reality with virtual objects. And this is only the beginning.

Where can Image Processing be used?

Image Recognition and Motion Detection

  • Go one step further towards simplicity
  • Increase security

There are numerous examples that encapsulate image recognition. It could be a car approaching a paid parking zone. Detection of a fast pedestrian being quickly approached by a fast car and automatically lowering the vehicle’s speed can increase safety. This and other scenarios can be implemented by our specialists.

Image Classification

  • Get to know if your products are properly presented on store shelves
  • Automatize your ordering process

The main goal of image classification is to differentiate one object from another. Having well trained algorithms we could easily say what is a can of beans and what is a can of beer. Furthermore, it could be a good starting point for a complete solution. We could detect that there is not enough merchandise at a specific merchant, it is also running low on stocks and advice a new delivery.

Image Classification - sentiment analysis

  • Know very first reaction of your

Thanks to the sophisticated algorithms and pattern recognition it is possible to monitor the human reaction. Verify his or her mood and response. Using image sentiment classification we could divide people into groups. Count them and go with better offer towards each group.

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