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Machine Learning

Make better business decisions
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Machine Learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence, which enables computers to learn from data and experiences without being explicitly programmed. By using its advanced algorithms, you can identify important insights in data, uncover hidden connections, recognize patterns and even predict trends – regardless of your business sector.

Do you want to discover insights about the future to improve your decision-making process and uncover new opportunities? Predict the resources needed and increase their efficiency thanks to value hidden in your data?

Predictive analytics

Through our machine learning services and statistical algorithms, you are able to anticipate trends as well as future outcomes and behaviors. This lets you discover purchase trends, measure future demand and reasonably manage your resources thanks to inventory forecasting. No matter if you are an oil & gas company, you provide financial and banking services or you operate on the retail market, we can create and deploy a specific predictive model which enables your organization to function more efficiently.

Machine Learning

Looking for ways to avoid unexpected downtime, recognize warning signs and service your equipment before it fails? Want to increase the efficiency of your factories by scheduling maintenance when assets are not in use?

Predictive maintenance

For manufacturers, it’s very important to identify factors leading to reduced quality and equipment failures, as well as to provide maintenance which will not affect the production process. With assets continually generating performance data, it becomes possible to track variations, create alerts and ensure information about support needed. We can provide you with Machine Learning services and IoT sensors which will improve your assets monitoring allowing you to keep your factory from unplanned, costly disruptions.

Interested in protecting your business from fraud by quickly identifying suspect behaviors? Want to lower the risk of potential threats and take action before damage occurs?

Fraud detection

In today’s business, with huge amounts of data and money at stake, fraud detection becomes a great challenge. In order to quickly identify fraud, you can make use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms combined with analytics methods. Thanks to this you are informed in the real-time about all the anomalies in the financial operations performed. With our expert knowledge and data to support you, you can act to protect your company, assets, information and your customers before it impacts the bottom line.

Curious how to increase your revenue by providing your customers with exactly the right products at the right time? Want to drive up order value with personalized content and product recommendations?

Recommendation systems

With Machine Learning methods, a recommendation system enables you to target content based on customer behaviors, online history as well as product features. Thanks to processing huge amounts of data an algorithm can provide your clients with the right offers and promotions at the right time. This can significantly boost sales and customer loyalty. You can also gain competitive advantage with better knowledge about customers than your competition has.

Ever thought of detecting customers who are likely to cancel a subscription and retaining them? Want to predict customers that are at risk of leaving in advance?

Churn prediction

Losing customers is costly for every business. By analyzing behavior patterns, you are able to identify at-risk customers and undertake actions which will convince them to stay at the earliest possible moment. We can build scenarios and prediction models which will let you do it at the right time on the right channel and with the right content. So, don’t wait until your customers leave you. Fuel new engagement strategies and target them at those who need it.


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