Artificial Intelligence technologies - AI usage in business

About us

An interdisciplinary team improving your
business with artificial intelligence

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to develop high-quality solutions for your business. Our team consists of experts in a multitude of fields. Thanks to this, we combine a strong grasp of technology with a deep understanding of business. Find out more about our philosophy and values!

Why can you trust us?


We are experts with many years of experience with international projects for a number of industries with numerous successful implementations.


We use state-of-art Project Management methodologies. Thanks to the usage of SCRUM methodology our development processes are lean and fast.

Trend tracking

As AI is an area developing at an enormous speed, we do our best to keep up with the latest trends. We attend many professional events and successfully take part in AI competitions.

Our partners

Business support

We collaborate with the experts at Apollogic who have a vast experience in business projects. This helps us to develop comprehensive AI solutions suited to your needs.

Mixed reality

Our Image Processing experts work together with the startup ApoQlar. This cooperation lets us exchange knowledge and come up with fresh, exceptional ideas.

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