Predictive Maintenance -

Predictive Maintenance

Predict future condition
of your equipment!

Predictive Maintenance allows the detection of anomalies by analyzing data from sensors, tracking machine parameters such as temperature, pressure or vibrations. Thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, it is possible to detect signs of future unwanted events early, like failures and break-downs, allowing to counteract them before they occur.

Detect patterns from the data not visible to a human eye

Machine Learning algorithms allow you to quickly detect even minor anomalies in the information that could be overlooked by people.

Prevent unwanted events

Implementation of Predictive Maintenance solution let you detect possible damages of machines already on early stages. Act before damage occurs!

Plan maintenance work when needed, not by rigid schedules

Use the power of Machine Learning to schedule maintenance work. Base it on the actual status of the machine, instead of repeating activities on a timely basis with no regard to real needs.

Save the costs thanks to maintenance optimization, avoid machine downtime and prevent accidents

Save time and money connected with machine damages. You don’t have to pay for maintenance work when they are not needed. Avoid accidents at your workplace.