Mailbot - Artificial Intelligence solution to handle large amount of emails


Handle thousands of
emails all at once.

MailBot is designed to classify incoming emails to defined categories like complaints or questions about order status and suggest a quick answer. Based on the intent of the email the tool can recommend or send an answer and determine its urgency. The solution saves you time and enhances customer experience.

Spend less time reading similar emails

Built to be your virtual email assistant, Mailbot can do all hard work connected to reading, organizing and responding to incoming emails.

Don't write the same answers all over again

Thanks to Machine Learning algorithms our solution can send personalized emails to your customers based on the email intent.

React to messages with high priority as soon as possible

MailBot will help you focus on the high priority emails boosting sales and increasing retention rate.

Improve customers satisfaction answering their issues faster

With MailBot solution you can automate the mailing process and respond faster what can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Answer with suggested MailBot email or make some adjustments if needed

You can choose whether you want to trigger automated personalized emails to each customers or complete the content with additional information.

By applying Machine Learning algorithms, MailBot reads an e-mail message and creates personalized response. Regardless of the advanced technology behind it, MailBot is very simple to set up and user-friendly

Adam Maciaszek – AI/Big Data engineer