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Make Your Customer
Service Smarter

Reduced staff expenditures and effective communication directly affect increasing revenue. In addition, with guaranteed 24/7 support with no waiting time, it is easy to maintain the loyalty of Customers and maximize their satisfaction. Talk with our Chatbot by clicking the red icon!

Integrate your chatbot with company business data

Use your ERP and CRM data to build complete chatbot solution.

Offer your products to customers. Advise them. Help them choose proper colours, sizes or shapes. Our Assistant responds in a friendly way. Make use of the Customer base you already have – contact them using new channels and learn about their habits and behaviours!

Don't leave your Customers on hold

Time is money.

Instant replies guarantee immediate feedback from your company. Thanks to the zero response time Customers don’t have to wait for the contact with your Consultants who might not even be available at the specific moment. This feature lowers waiting time to a minimum.

Make the best first impression

First impression is the key to win Customer Loyalty.

Thanks to the learning algorithms implemented in our solution, your Virtual Assistant learns how to respond in the best way to the certain questions. As a result, Customers don’t feel left alone with their concerns.

Achieve your business goals with the Virtual Assistant

Tell us about your needs and you are ready to go!

Our ready-to-implement solution is customizable and adjustable to your needs. It will improve your lead generation through Machine Learning by offering recommended products and limiting its need for resources.

Dig into your data

Find out how your Customers behave.

Analytics implemented in our cutting-edge solution provides you with the information connected to specific Clients. It examines parameters like the number of the users, their localisations and most active hours.

Using NLP and Machine Learning techniques we can teach our Chatbot to understand and communicate in human language. Thus we created a Virtual Assistant that never sleeps. Moreover, you can also integrate it with your internal systems and gain a complex solution enriched with your company’s data

Łukasz Milczarek – AI Engineer

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