Blue GDPR - make your data compliant with GDPR

Blue GDPR.

We make your data compliant with GDPR and any industry-specific regulations like BDSG, CCPA, HIPAA, CSL and more.

How does BLUE GDPR work?

Too much data to anonymize?

  • Speech​
  • Text documents
  • Images
  • Videos

The solution

Do it automatically with BLUE GDPR

Anonymized personal information
in documents, texts or pictures

Blurred faces, objects or people
in images or videos

Data is now ready for further use!


That’s how Blue GDPR works

Large amounts of data are automatically and professionally anonymized with Blue GDPR and correctly processed for further use. Personal data as well as industry-specific data are recognized and made unrecognizable with the help of the latest AI technologies.

What is processed by Blue GDPR?

Documents and voice recordings

such as contracts, reports, minutes, studies (personal and specific data, such as names or addresses)

Pictures and videos

such as medical images, are made unrecognizable/pixelated (faces, patient information), meetings (faces), unwanted product placement, advertising

That’s why Blue GDPR

Avoidance of fines

Reduce manual work

No image loss

High quality,
high safety

Professional data

Easy transfer of data
for further use


Companies in a wide variety of industries


Medical facilities

Call centers

And many others

The packages

Choose your option


Anonymizing personal data:

Standard text or​

Standard speech or

Standard images / videos.​

License starting at 5000 EUR

Implementation: 4 – 12 weeks


Anonymizing personal data and
industry-specific data:

​Professional text or

Professional speech or​

Specialized images / videos.

Price dependent on the complexity

of the data and requirements.

That's how we work

Short conversation & identifying your requirements

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Implementation schedule & price quote

circle 3

Sample data exchange

circle 2

Project launch!

circle 4

That's how we work

We solve your problems and make your vision possible

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