24h Holographic Surgery Event - Privacy Implications in Healthcare

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24h Holographic Surgery Event

Round table: Data Privacy Implications in Health Care and Future Visions of Mixed Reality in Surgery

Julia Rose

Julia Rose
Marketing & Design
February 22, 2021

More than 15,000 viewers from 130 countries

On February 09 and 10, more than 15,000 viewers from 130 countries took part in the 24h Holographic Surgery event. This event was all about medical collaboration despite the geographical distances, Mixed Reality and the protection of patient data.

During these 24 hours, surgeries, international round table discussions, and interviews were performed that exposed what opportunities exist in the field of holomedicine, and how technologies must adapt to the rapid evolution of data.

Our AI Manager Agata Chudzińska took part in the 24h Surgery event and participated in the roundtable of privacy implications in healthcare and the Visions of Mixed Reality in Surgery. The discussion focused on the application of patient data with mixed reality technology in hospitals and surgeries and the need to protect this data.

„A few years ago, who thought that doctors will be taking pictures and videos in the surgery room by wearing glasses It sounded a bit like science fiction, but it is a fact, that more and more data is being created in new forms that we didn’t have or even expect in the past. But we need to take care of this information from the regulatory perspective, because of the HIPAA in the US or GDPR in Europe“. Agata said, „Besides securing the privacy of data it is also the increasing awareness of the patients that is quite important because they begin to want to know what’s happening with their data.“

Automatic anonymization of patient data

According to the GDPR (Europe), HIPAA (US), CCPA (Canada), and many more, all information relating to an identifiable natural person or general personal data is covered by the data protection laws of the respective countries. This means that hospitals, medical practices, and doctors must ensure that this data is protected, e.g. in order to share data or utilize it for analytical purposes.

We from theBlue.ai have developed a solution (Blue.GDPR) that anonymizes patient data for example in the holomedicine platform VSI – which applies patient data in mixed reality.

„We created a constantly improving solution, that uses artificial intelligence to help to find the personal information automatically to protect it using anonymization and privacy-preserving AI. Especially when it comes to unstructured data. For example a longer note in medical documentation, any faces or whole silhouettes in videos.“ Agata said „And as the data is changing in time, the algorithm needs to get better in time and has to adjust to new data types. “

More about the event: www.aka.ms/24h

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