Harnessing Quantum Computing at #QL_Future

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Harnessing Quantum Computing: Highlights from the #QL_Future Quantum Hackathon


Julia Rose
Marketing & Design
30. May 2023

The inaugural edition of the #QL_Future quantum hackathon, held on May 27-28, 2023, at PSNC Future Labs in Poznan, Poland, recently concluded, bringing together 11 teams from various countries around the world for an intense 24-hour challenge focused on developing solutions for issues related to human, planet, and climate. The event showcased an impressive display of talent and creativity as participants explored the possibilities of quantum technologies. Agata Chudzińska, our AI Manager at theBlue.ai, joined the meeting in a double role – supporting the development teams with her knowledge as a mentor and as a judge of the final pitches, contributing her expertise to evaluate the projects. Let’s dive into the event’s highlights and the outstanding contributions made by the participants. 

Quantum Hackathon Highlights

The #QL_Future quantum hackathon was organized by PSNC Future Labs and IBM, enabling participants to access and experiment with quantum computers. The teams had the freedom to choose between technical and conceptual approaches as they worked diligently to address the given challenges. Over the course of 24 hours, the event fostered an environment of innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving, leading to the development of remarkable ideas utilizing quantum computing technologies.

Quantum computing in addressing real-world issues

The hard work and dedication of each team during the hackathon produced interesting results. The teams tackled a diverse range of challenges related to human, planet, and climate issues, harnessing the power of quantum computing to develop innovative solutions. Some of the remarkable ideas included achieving carbon neutrality, applying quantum computing to optimize electric vehicles and infrastructure, utilizing quantum computing for medical data analysis, and modeling the risks and costs of rising sea levels. These projects demonstrated the potential of quantum technologies in addressing pressing real-world problems. 

Congratulations to all the participants for their exceptional contributions, and a special acknowledgment to the winning teams for their outstanding achievements!

Quantum Computing #QL_Future quantum hackathon
Quantum Computing Technologies

The #QL_Future quantum hackathon provided a platform for participants to explore the possibilities of quantum technologies and develop innovative solutions for pressing challenges.  The hackathon served as an inspiring showcase of how quantum computing can contribute to creating a better future. Participants had also an amazing opportunity to listen to the keynote speech of Dr Voica Radescu the EMEA lead of IBM Quantum Innovation Center, who briefly presented the most important features of quantum computing and the development plans of IBM for quantum computers for the next years. Throughout the event, the teams could discuss their ideas and asked for advice from a group of mentors experienced in the area of quantum programming, who helped them overcome the temporary blockers and challenge their way of thinking.

Being a part of the #QL_Future quantum hackathon has been an incredible experience. It was inspiring to see how participants try to think outside the box to use the full potential of quantum computing in comparison to classical computations – which is not an easy task! I think that the organizers did a great job gathering both many experts specialized in the area of quantum computing, coming both from research and industry, as well as open-minded students who wanted to develop their skills in this area. Agata Chudzińska, AI Manager, theBlue.ai 

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