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Blue GDPR: Use in hospitals

Nadja Parfenov

Nadja Jürgens (born Parfenov)
Head of marketing
January 28th, 2020

Blue GDPR automatically anonymises personal data in hospital documents for the Health Insurance Medical Service (MDK).

The medical institution “hospital” is very complex, including in an economic sense. It is a balancing game between the best possible quality of treatment and budget. Private and public hospitals usually bill the patient’s health insurance company for the costs of treatment.

For the statutory health insurance funds, a special authority is responsible for checking these accounts; it is the Health Insurance Medical Service (MDK). This is a socio-medical and nursing expert review service that reviews selected billing cases on behalf of the health and nursing insurance funds. Its (statutory) mandate is to provide good and fair health care.

The MDK retrospectively checks and assesses the quality of hospital services and the coding of these in the DRG system according to a random sampling system and selected individual cases. This also includes checking the duration of inpatient treatment in individual cases and the need for it from various aspects.

For this quality check, hospitals provide the MDK with the relevant treatment documents. These are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and must be manually anonymised beforehand by a clinic employee, a thankless and time-consuming task for the person concerned, which also costs money and valuable resources.

Automatic anonymisation

The artificial intelligence algorithms of the Blue GDPR automatically recognize patient data and conceal them, so that no manual anonymization by the clinic is necessary.

The treatment documents are loaded into the Blue GDPR by drag & drop. After a few seconds they are anonymized. If required, the documents can be viewed and individually optimised.

There are various anonymisation possibilities:

  • The data is blacked out
  • The data is replaced by a generic term, e.g. Max Mustermann by “person”.
  • The data is supplemented by other data at random, e.g. Max Mustermann by “Peter Meier”

Texts, videos and voice recordings in various formats can be made anonymous. Voice recordings are additionally written and directly anonymized.

Here you can see screenshots of the Blue GDPR application:


Advantages for the clinic through Blue GDPR:

  • Money and time saving
  • High quality anonymisation and compliance with data protection
  • Relief and higher satisfaction of the employees
  • Optimal cooperation with the MDK

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