The technology makes the difference

Automation means more time for the important tasks: for strategies, ideas and progress. It also means lower costs, fewer errors and more resources.

And that is our mission at!

We want your company to concentrate fully on its core business and leave all the time-consuming and repetitive tasks to us. We automate them away by creating effective collaboration between man and machine. State-of-the-art AI technologies are our core business to help you reach your full potential.


Our team

We are a team of geniuses and brains with a lot of experience in various industries: automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, customer service, telecommunications, mechanical engineering and politics. Our core competence and expertise lies in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing and predictive analytics. Combined with state-of-the-art DevOps, UX and software development standards, we bring every project to a successful conclusion.

Our roots GmbH (together with its affiliated companies apoQlar GmbH and rapidlab) emerged from Apollogic, an internationally successful company that has been offering innovative IT solutions in various areas since 2006, from the implementation of SAP systems to the development of advanced cloud solutions and mixed reality applications.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data

Mixed / Augumented reality

Internet of Things (IoT)