AI-powered platform for politicy monitoring and analysis

AI-powered platform for more transparency in politics with Policy-Insider.AI and RPP

Policy-Insider.AI delivers a comprehensive online platform going beyond the traditional policy monitoring and creating a central information point for public affairs professionals, political stakeholders and everyone who knows to be up to date with the political proceedings around chosen topic.


Policy-Insider.AI is a cooperation project of a group of experts in public affairs with many years of experience at RPP Group and the IT and AI experts behind The mission of the founders was to use the potential of artificial intelligence to close the information gap in policy monitoring caused by great dispersion and an extensive amount of political data and language barriers.

Solution overview

Policy Insider transforms the notion of monitoring not only by creating an exhaustive library of policy developments from a multitude of countries but by the years of knowledge provided by policy experts in building the platform. It provides the users the relevance of documents build on proprietary algorithms, immediately associates which policy makers are true leaders on topics and who they usually collaborate with. It also gives reliable insights on trends and provides context, connectivity, origin, and motivation to political proceedings.


Building the platform posed many challenges – from getting millions of documents from a multitude of data sources, finding effective data architecture, and document mining methods of such a huge amounts of data varying in form and length to working with multilanguage documents. We solved them by creating advanced data architecture based on NoSQL data cluster, building effective data processing pipelines using the newest Natural Language Processing algorithms and working in an Agile model in close cooperation with domain experts. This helped us building a scalable solution giving completely new insights from political data, overcoming the language barriers, thanks to creating our own translator for political language, and saving time of money for the users by eliminating manual monitoring and analysis.

AI-powered platform for politicy monitoring and analysis with Policy-Insider.AI

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