AI Avatars & Services - Bringing Digital Interactions to Life
Transform GPT into a human-like companion

Transform GenAI into a human-like companion.

Powered by Generative AI, our AI Avatars boost your customer communication with immersive experiences.

AI Avatars

Ask. Learn. Boost decision-making.

We develop AI avatars tailored to your specific needs, designed to engage in real-time by providing personalized support, expertise, and knowledge.

Built on cutting-edge AI technology, these avatars not only guide but also reassure, enhancing decision-making, and enriching the experience with your brand.

Personalized. Responsive. Secure.

  • Powered by the latest generative AI models, we ensure they’re perfectly tailored with your industry and specific business challenges.
  • We prioritize your data privacy by ensuring our AI avatars comply with your privacy regulations, keeping your information secure and compliant.
  • We build, develop, and design your AI avatar, ensuring it aligns with your vision and preferences for any use case.
AI avatars

AI avatar use cases:
Bringing digital interactions to life

Discover how our AI avatars can transform your sector, whether in sales, improving customer experiences, or in sports, enhancing motivation, the applications are vast. Below, you will find some application examples:

AI Avatars - Virtual Host

Virtual Host

A 2D screen at your company’s entrance or exhibition stand comes to life with an AI host that greets attendees, provides event information, addresses questions with prompt, personalized responses, enhancing the visitors’ experience.

KI-Experten - KI-Lösungen

Product Specialist

A specialist AI avatar delivers on-demand product demonstrations and detailed answers to professionals’ inquiries within company settings, aiding them in staying abreast of the latest industry advancements.

AI Avatars - Customer Service

Customer Service

The customer service AI avatar offers immediate, round-the-clock assistance across customer service platforms, efficiently resolving inquiries and streamlining the customer experience with precision.

AI Avatars - Medical Healthcare

Medical Assistant

Streamlining healthcare processes, the medical AI assistant facilitates patient data collection and aids professionals by leveraging a vast knowledge base, enhancing efficiency and engagement across settings.

AI Avatars - ML

Virtual HR Assistant

In HR settings, an avatar assists with new employee onboarding, delivers training programs, and conducts pre-interviews to gather basic candidate information, enhancing efficiency and consistency in HR processes based on the provided data.

AI Avatars - Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer

The virtual sports trainer provides customized workouts and professional guidance, adaptable for home or any facility. It offers a dynamic, interactive experience to meet individual fitness goals and enhance motivation.

Why choose our
AI avatar services?

Choosing our AI avatar services is a stable foundation for building effective products adapted to your specific needs. Our approach is designed to streamline the process from concept to completion, ensuring the rapid and cost-effective creation of AI avatars tailored to your unique requirements.

AI Avatars_Fast_Cost-effective

Rapid development

Your project is our top priority. We provide fast iterations of created AI avatars using the most reliable technologies and frameworks.


Minimal Viable Product

We guide you from the initial concept creation through the MVP phase to the completion of a fully operational solution.


Seamless Integration

Tailor-made for adaptability and smooth functionality across various platforms

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